My indoor and outdoor installations are usually colorful and uplifting, sometimes involving my patterns, and often enhancing the surrounding environment. I generally construct these pieces out of foam or paper. They're all very simple and light in weight.
These short videos serve as a
fun introduction to some of my
installation pieces.
Happy viewing.


Gee whiz, check out my new sculpture toy!!!!!!!

My vivid FOAM FORMS sculpture toy makes it astoundingly easy for everyone (even YOU!) to create amazing abstract sculpture!!! Ready to have FUN, FUN FUN? Let's go!!!

This fun, brief, mock-science fiction "movie" shows the

many forms that my Color Sprout sculptures take. 

Watch out--the COLOR SPROUTS are invading!

This is how I'm staying creative during the lockdown.

I may be out of a job, but I'm not out of ideas, especially when

it comes to my vibrant patterns.

A fun art project I began working on the day after Election Day.

A short, light-hearted video introduction to my epic-scale

Great Pattern Scrolls and Pattern Runners.

As you can see below, I have created a

wide range of 6" x 6" dimensional pattern combinations that can be installed in

shadow-box frames

or hung on a wall "as is."


More fun ways of adding color and vibrancy to

outdoor and indoor environments...