Over the years, I've created thousands and thousands (and thousands!) of patterns. Some began life as total abstractions. Others are photo-based and achieved abstraction during the "patternizing" process.
Many of my patterns become the foundation of other artwork, such as my earrings and installations. What you see here is just the
tip of the iceberg. 

This eye-popping abstract video brings my pattern designs to life in a unique and memorable way. 

A fun, quick look at how I assemble my multi-layered pattern pieces. Imagine how they'd look on your walls.

These large-scale pattern-based wall hangings are inspired by Persian rugs and Islamic tiles.


Yeah, these earrings are bold and daring, designed for people who are the same way.


Actually, I began making earrings for an audience of one: my wife. Earrings are the only jewelry that she wears, and she prefers earrings that are funky and "out there." Methinks I delivered!

Ready to take your ears on a bold ear-venture?