My indoor and outdoor installations are usually colorful and uplifting, sometimes involving my patterns, and often enhancing the surrounding environment. I generally construct these pieces out of foam or paper. They're all very simple and light in weight.
These short videos serve as a
fun introduction to some of my
installation pieces.
Happy viewing.


Mount Desert Island in Maine is a picture-perfect location for

pop-up installations of my artsy projects.

This fun, brief, mock-science fiction "movie" shows the

many forms that my Color Sprout sculptures take. 

Watch out--the COLOR SPROUTS are invading!

My vivid Foam Forms sculpture toy makes it easy for everyone to create fun abstract sculpture thingies.

A fun art project I began working on the day after Election Day.

This is how I'm staying creative during the lockdown.

I may be out of a job, but I'm not out of ideas, especially when

it comes to my vibrant patterns.

As you can see below, I have created a

wide range of 6" x 6" dimensional pattern combinations that can be installed in

shadow-box frames

or hung on a wall "as is."


More fun ways of adding color and vibrancy to

outdoor and indoor environments...

Yellow Pattern Runner

Original pattern design printed on paper. Dimensions: approx 16' x 250'