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My videos have been screened in a wide range of film festivals, galleries, and other venues around the world. Stylistically, my videos range from eye-popping avant-garde work to thoughtful experimental pieces, and pithy narrative tales that comment on life, love, family, and relationships. You can view a few examples of my diverse work here. For a fuller look at my video output, visit my gallery on Vimeo:

Some of my zanier videos appear on my YouTube channel:
From the MOCA to the MALL
During a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in North Miami, I experienced the powerful, violent, and tragic images of the late artist Maryan, a holocaust survivor. His expressionistic artwork haunted me afterward when I visited the glitzy, upscale Aventura Mall. There was a stark and profound contrast between Maryan's images of pain and suffering and the images of fashionable beauty and carefree living on display at the mall.
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