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For years (decades, actually!) I worked in the creative departments of advertising and marketing agencies. But I wasn't an art director or designer. I was a copywriter. And because I was a writer, my office-supplied Macs didn't have fancy-schmancy art/design programs. I was a writer, so I was given Microsoft Word.

However, because I'm a curious and creative fellow, I began experimenting with Word, and I soon discovered the wonderful graphic possibilities of using this seemingly benign word-processing program for artistic/visual purposes. Here are some of the results of my creative tinkering.

These large-scale pattern-based wall hangings are inspired by Persian rugs and Islamic tiles.

Acadia Bridge Variations

My latest art project consists of retouched photos of the beautiful stone bridges in Acadia National Park. The photos depict the bridges with a variety of new and imaginative patterns and designs. Some look completely natural. Others are vivid fantasies. I can't decide which I like best.

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