My kvetch about the Department of Labor. This one is personal! Since being furloughed due to the pandemic, I've been trying to collect unemployment insurance benefits. But I'm stuck in a Kafka-esqe scenario, and every twist, turn, and phone call ends in disaster for me (and my dwindling funds).

Pandemic Pattern Playtime. This is how I'm staying creatively sane during the Corona Virus Lockdown. I may be out of a job, but I'm not out of creative ideas, especially when it comes to my vibrant patterns.

DRIFT: A video that's so dark, you may not be able to see anything. It all depends on how sensitive your monitor is to the dark shades of black and grey in this silent, single-channel video installation loop. Try watching these slowly drifting and morphing micro/macro shapes in total darkness on a big screen.

My latest absurd and preposterous product-review video. This is how I attempt to keep my sense of humor during these pandemic shut-down days. I hope you enjoy my latest in a series of Big Jake's Product Reviews You Can Sometimes Depend On.

What happens when you visit a lavish shopping mall after seeing a dramatic exhibition of Haitian art at a MOCA? This diary video was inspired by the culture shock and aesthetic whiplash I got by those two, startlingly different experiences.

My latest video with a cherished friend. My latest collaboration with Herb Rogoff is based on his current life situation (with bits and pieces of remembered situations from my own family). 

What do the poetical colors of autumn inspire in you? Don't ask me why or how the stunning autumnal foliage inspired me to create this bizarre family story. But it did. Schubert had his Winterreise, this is my Autumnerreise. (But my journey isn't as profound.)