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Periscope View

You have to be crazy to leave the safety of your home. My new video explains why.

Explore my new global photo project

Thanks to Google Street Views, I've been traveling the world without leaving the safety of my home. This project is a natural outgrowth of my recent video "Periscope View" (see below). Take a look at what I've discovered by clicking here.

We are all prisoners...

But some people can't hide it because their lives are ruled by compulsions and obsessive behavior. This bizarre little video was inspired by some people I have met

over the decades. 

Brides and Monsters

For centuries, men have created visions of the ideal woman. And, for reasons that baffle me, many women have accepted that ideal and model themselves after it, making themselves slaves to ridiculous fashions and fads. Isn't it time to put an end to this horror-movie madness?

Meine Inspiration

I really don't know what inspired me to make this bizarre little video. I wasn't watching "Triumph of the Will" or WW2 movies. I think the idea came to me because I had seen some news footage of Donald Trump on the campaign trail. Yeah, that must be it.

What do you do when your flight is delayed?

You whip out your video camera and start shooting. The views from the terminal windows at Newark Liberty were dramatic and filled with motion. And who could resist the image of the lower-Manhattan skyline penetrating the hazy summer sky?

Attention ADULTS

This is a public-service message for the sad, sad, sad group of people in our society known as ADULTS. They are to be pitied because, as they've grown up, they've outgrown their ability to lose themselves in the act of creative play. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Coincidences. I revise this video every few years to keep the memories alive. This is a true story. I still have a

hard time believing that these events happened in 1997.

HELP! I desperately need more wall space. I live in a small house, and I simply don't have the wall space to exhibit my large-scale pattern-based wall hangings. If you've got some big walls, I've got some big pieces to display on them.

Creative fun on Mount Desert Island. This stunningly beautiful island in Maine, home of Acadia National Park, is a picture-perfect location to create short-lived pop-up installations of my artsy projects. 

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